I was chosen. This is my moment. 

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Awesome quick shoot last night for a Infamous: Second Son group! Mid way through my batteries died after a 10 hour wedding so I had to make use of the ambient light for my panorama, but these came out awesome for the limited amount of time I had to shoot! yank76 and her crew were awesome!


Cute Shark! きんとら@さめやろう

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by おもち

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I was at a con on saturday and i took hardly any pictures but uh here u go
im the fetch and the other lovely people pictured are quietumbrella, firecrackerstorm, yank76, and kb-chan

officerxredfield replied to your photo “Ill be at fusion as fetch today! Ill be with a eugene and delsin ;o…”

Oh I knew I recognized you from somewhere! I follow you on tumblr! Well before Fusion I did, but I did say hi, I was the guy in the gear and what-not as The Winter Soldier earlier.

I thought I recognized you too! We must have met at a previous con, then! 

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how to shut Draco up when he won’t stop arguing with you: a demonstration

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what did I tell ya [link] 


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Ill be at fusion as fetch today! Ill be with a eugene and delsin ;o say hi if you see us!